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  • Titans Blog - 27/28th January 2018

    U16 Boys North Premier

    Northamptonshire Titans 103-60 Cheshire Phoenix

    Titans had a very long break and so welcomed Cheshire as their first game of 2018; Titans now know that they could secure 2nd place in the League should they win all their remaining games.

    A quick basket for the visitors spurred Titans on to a 21-0 run lead by scores from Sam Grant and Taiwo Hamilton and saw a rampant Titans quarter finish 27-7.

    Jude Carmichael turned up the heat as Titans perimeter shooting dominated; with a change of tact, Ollie Dominque was defiant getting to the basket, but full credit to Cheshire as they continued to battle well and exploit the gaps in Titans’ defence.

    Sam Grant continued to impress and with the distribution of the ball that Ben Nailer brought to the home side, Titans were in complete control of the fixture. 11 out of the 12 players made the scoresheet producing a high-quality performance.

    Top Scorers:

    Grant 20, Carmichael 17, Dominque 15, Hamilton 14, Cirtautas 10

    U14 Boys Midlands West Conference

    Northamptonshire Titans 102-35 Oxford City Hoops

    The U14 boys hosted Oxford City Hoops on Saturday and it was clear from the tip-off that Hoops were not going to be able to cope with Titans’ size, speed and intensity. Titans’ tough defence limited Hoops to just 5 baskets from the field plus four free throws in the first half, whereas Hoops couldn’t stop Titans from scoring at will and amassing 48 points. In the second half, Hoops’ skilful guard scored 12 of his 14 points but despite his impressive efforts, they were never going to be enough to counter the Titans onslaught. Once again, all of the Titans players contributed to the team’s total with Sean Rawlins leading the way with 30 points. He was well-supported by Isaac Round 20, Benji Leesing 12 and Ben Hooper 12. Titans are getting ever-closer to mathematically securing a post-season play-off spot and testing themselves against the top teams in the country.

    Division 2 Women

    Northamptonshire Titans 71-88 Worcester Wolves

    A very young Titans team took to the floor against title chasing Worcester Wolves; Titans’ Paige Vyse struck early whilst Esme Kinghorn and Sascha Thompson were instrumental in the Titans defence.

    The visitors were hot from beyond the arc but Titans’ continued efforts meant the first quarter ended 20-21. Titans U16s duo of Hannah Bird and Kenny Hamilton shone brightly in the opening exchanges and with Kinghorn scoring on put backs, Titans continued to cause problems throughout the Wolves ranks.

    Titans downfall came at the start of the third when Wolves put together a 7-0 run followed by another 10-0 run. Another member of the Titans U16s, Lauren Dabbs, found her shooting form and with Molly O’Leary hitting from range, Titans continued to battle right to the very end.

    Top Scorers:

    Thompson 14, Kinghorn 14, Vyse 10

    U16 Boys Midlands West Conference

    Northamptonshire Titans 59-69 Worcester Wolves

    Titans Purple hosted Worcester Wolves in the return fixture this season; the first meeting back at the start of Titans’ first season together where Wolves took the game 95-33. Wolves took the lead at the end of the first quarter, however the scoring of Dinari Williams-Brown kept Titans within reach.

    Titans continued to battle during the second quarter with Ben Hooper reaching the basket and the score 25-34 at the half.

    The start of the third quarter was Titans undoing with Wolves taking a 16-0 run, halted by Isaac Round and Williams-Brown. It seemed that the game had slipped away but Round turned up the heat in the fourth and the score was brought back to within 10 when the final whistle went. A huge improvement shown by all in the team both offensively and defensively. These boys have a lot to be proud of.

    Top Scorers:

    Williams-Brown 20, Round 14, Hooper 13

    U14 Girls Midlands Conference

    Northamptonshire Titans 65-57 Northants Lightning

    Titans U14 Girls took a short trip to play local rivals Northants Lightning. With something to prove after taking the win last time the teams met, Titans went out strong in the first quarter. Titans began to easily find the basket with an exceptional performance from a determined Abi Smith. Defensively Alise Zvidra kept Lightnings’ Deena at bay. Titans continued their ardent team performance throughout the second half outscoring Lightning 21-10. Coach James said, “it was great to see so many of the girls on the score sheet”.

    Ella McCahill-Brown was unstoppable in the post scoring a big 22 points, closely followed by Imogene Williams 12, Lucy Virag 12, Thecla Smalley 9, Abi Smith 8.

    Northamptonshire Titans 74-53 Bucks Hornets

    The U14 girls were at home to Bucks Hornets in the second game of the weekend; following Saturday’s win, Titans were full of confidence and went out with an excellent work rate. Despite this, they initially struggled to contain Hornets’ talented Captain; however, the controlled defensive effort of Alex Bello changed this.

    Titans pushed through the half working well as a team and keeping themselves in the game with a half time score of 33-37. Alise Zvidra found confidence in the third as she made several steals and put herself on the score sheet. Bello continued to work hard as Hornets struggled to stop Titans’ scoring trio of Ella McCahill-Brown, Imogene Williams and Luca Virag. Thecla Smalley and Zvidra hustled out the opposition in a robust performance from both. Titans only allowed Hornets 4 points in the fourth, compared to their own 20.

    U13 Boys Central Venue League

    As the U14 boys tipped-off at Weavers Leisure Centre, the U13 boys were starting their first game in the U15 Central Venue League at Northampton School for Boys. Although the team was playing against older players, they performed well under the guidance of Coach Saunders. The first game was a local derby against Northants Thunder and it was Titans who earned the bragging rights with a narrow victory. The second game was a much tougher affair against a much taller Kettering team, but Titans battled well, and no-doubt benefitted from the experience. The CVLs are helping the boys to prepare for next season and NEBC Titans is grateful to the organisers and all the volunteers who run the events.

    U12 Boys Bucks U12 league

    Northamptonshire Titans 36-20 South Bucks Comets

    Northamptonshire Titans 32-27 Luton

    On Sunday, it was the turn of the U12 boys who had an early start to make sure they got to Aylesbury in time for their 9:00am and 10:00am Bucks U12 league games. The league rules stipulated that, as Titans were not able to field 10 players, they started 10-0 down in each game, but this didn’t stop the team from recording two wins. In the first game, South Bucks Comets were scoreless in the first quarter thanks to Titans defence, but Comets fought back and trailed by just 3 points (23-20) going into the final quarter. Titans upped their defence and for the second time in the game held Comets scoreless in a quarter. At the other end of the floor, Titans finished well and added 13 points to their total. The 36-20 win put the boys in a good mood as they prepared for their second game against Luton. The Luton team had already beaten Titans 42-24 earlier in the season, but this time Titans got their revenge. A 10-0 deficit as the game started gave Titans a mountain to climb, but they showed great teamwork and determination. They had narrowed Luton’s lead to just one after the first period and had claimed a two-point lead by half-time. With a couple of minutes to go, Titans’ lead had been reduced to just 1 point and it looked like victory was slipping away. However, scores from Dimitris Makrakis and Ethan Round opened the gap again and they held on for a very satisfying 32-27 win.

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